Mō mātau | About us

We are an Indigenous consultancy committed to the advancement of Māori.

We specialise in workforce development and training.

From supervision and mentoring, facilitation and strategic planning, lectures and presentations, to workshops and wānanga.

Based in Tāmaki Makaurau, Aotearoa New Zealand.

We encompasses leadership, research and evaluative practices that allow the placement of Māori and Indigenous issues, concerns, ways of understanding and practice at the centre.

Hori Kingi


Pāpā, leader, learner and story teller. Ma te rongo ka mohio, ma te mohio ka matau, ma te matau ka marama, ma te marama ka ora! 

Email me: gmskingi82@gmail.com

Dr Teah Carlson


Māmā, artist, thinker, writer, story catcher and teller.

Email me: teah.carlson@gmail.com

Hapū hau

Our connections, our allies & our whānau

As we are a small business. We connect, call on and collaborate with a number of amazing people depending on our needs. We need all the allies we can get! If you would like to know more about joining our movement and how to get involved get in touch.

Email us: tairongorongo@gmail.com

Want to work with us?

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