Love is you

“I love you” comes from the perspective of “I” personal pronoun. “Love” feeling, gift or action. “You” the other external being – something that is felt between people.

When our son was learning to talk we would say “I love you”. He could not quite make the sentence and would say something like “Ioveshyou” and then one day said “Love is you”. My partner paused and repeated “Love is you… yes Love IS you!!! Hes a genius”. It felt like an observation, a truth, rather than affection or romance.

Love is you simply means “You are love”. Now we recognise and understand each of us as the embodiment of love and announce “love is you.”

Love is the person and by acknowledging that love is known as more than “love” [from a western perspective] it moves closer to an understanding of aroha.

Aro ki te wairua o te hā

Aro – to face, turn towards, take heed, take notice of, pay attention to, consider, be inclined towards, interested in, disposed towards, to take heed, take notice of, pay attention to, be comprehended, understood.

Hā – to breathe, taste, breath, essence, taste, breathing.

Wairua – Belief and acceptance that something exists beyond physical realities by making links to atua and seeking and commanding spiritual protection. Wairua is paramount to our health, wellbeing and customs.

Published by Tākuta Teah

Indigenous woman, partner, māmā, sister, daughter, aunty, artist, story catcher/teller, researcher, evaluator and academic. I draw on these identities to express, connect and articulate kotahitanga, mana motuhake and aroha.

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