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Grit – Passion and Perseverance

I believe that everything and anything Māori and Indigenous is good for everyone, particularly for health and the environment. #consciouspuku

All those being culturally responsive and appropriate please sit down!

In my experience, what works is research and evaluative practices that allow Indigenous issues, concerns, ways of understanding and practice to be placed at the centre. In particular, research should focus on strengthening whānau health and wellbeing that is context-sensitive, promotes social justice and enhances the life circumstances of community. I would like to seeContinue reading “All those being culturally responsive and appropriate please sit down!”

No more butts whānau!

In celebration of World Smokefree Day 31st May 2020 our wee whānau put together this video. Ever since I was little I tried to get mum and dad to give up. I hated being stuck in the car with them the smoke used to sting my eyes. Then I ended up joining in for aContinue reading “No more butts whānau!”

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