Finding solutions using Indigenous wisdom

Let’s build an economy of abundance.
Let’s lead with compassion & love.
Let’s practise in the presence of history.
Let’s live in tune with the environment.


For Indigenous wisdom to become the standard not the exception.

Whakarongo, Whakarongo, Whakarongo

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Nau mai haere mai. Welcome to our thought leaders site. A whānau of story catchers & tellers, writers, artists, activators, thinkers, & leaders.

This is a space to share what we love, our passions & kaupapa that we are involved in.

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Story Catcher

Catching stories is a privilege but telling them is such a skill. It takes skills to hold peoples attention, imagination, emotions and connect in ways that go beyond words that are spoken.

Understanding is LIFE

One of my idols Dr Manulani Aluli Meyer. I resonate with this quote on many levels. I have come to ‘understand’ by doing and sharing. Part of my liberated understanding is listening, with my minds eye, heart and puku.

What do you do māmā?

When asked by my tamariki what I do – I described that I catch stories, from the people that I meet and connect with through interviews, wānanga and readings. This picture is one such story that is important to me, it holds the mana, humour, aroha and whānau that grounds me in everything that IContinue reading “What do you do māmā?”


VISION BOARD – Latest inspirational ideas & whakaaro.

Where do you draw inspiration & motivation from? We are heavily influenced by our whānau, friends and mahi. We are always working on hauora, oranga, wairua and mauri.